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  Borrowing money to finance any project with a small salary is quite possible if you take the right step. If the maximum debt ratio is 33%, we must also check its repayment or borrowing capacity by assessing the monthly payment we are able to pay. Banks now provide small amounts of money, such as […]


Lend 100 euros: Now your 100 EUR loan immediately to the account

Apply for 100 Euro credit for free The 100 Euro loan is given for a term of 30 days. This will save you a lot of time and quickly pay off the loan. Receive immediate payment and acceptance As an applicant, you will immediately be notified if your loan has been approved. Fast small loan […]


Real Estate Credit Insurance

Loan insurance, also known as credit insurance or borrower insurance, guarantees the recovery of the maturities of a mortgage. It is also a protection for the borrower in case of loss of income due to an accident in life: death, total or partial permanent disability, temporary and total incapacity for work, loss of employment … […]


Holiday Credit – Tips and Tricks for Travel Financing

A honeymoon that can not be postponed, a dream trip with your partner, or a year abroad after graduation – These are some of the reasons that make for a holiday loan. The following article provides further help with the essential questions: How is the holiday ideally financed? What is to be considered? Are savings […]


What banks give loans to pensioners without refusal

Banking companies are considering different categories of borrowers. Most organizations form offers for people under the retirement age. This is due to the fact that such borrowers are the most solvent, respectively, financing such clients is safer for the bank. But any borrower is first and foremost a profit for a banking organization. Therefore, a […]


Comparison of real estate loans is even more important after interest rate cut

Millions of German savers are anything but enthusiastic about lowering bank interest rates last week. However, there are also people who are happy about this decision of the Central Bank. These include, in particular, aspiring builders and homebuyers. They have the opportunity to finance their projects at low interest rates. Real estate loans However, the […]


We already have our Valentine’s raffle winner!

Finally arrived on February 22, the day on which we promised to make our Valentine’s raffle. After a great participation by the users of Love Lender , who requested their personal mini loan through our website, they could only win one. In this case, one, then we have a graceful one. And the winner is […]


Personal Payday loan: Opinions and Reviews, How to get it?

Do you need to solve some problems, to make purchases and for this you need a loan? You don’t know what are the steps to follow to get money and you want to know the different options that the Personal Payday loan provides you with? Read this guide and we will show you all the […]